How Is My "Read 12 Books in 2022" Challenge Going?

When I first decided to turn a horror story into a crime novel, I knew I needed to better understand the genre. Till that point my reading mainly consisted of Stephen King, Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett and John Irving. I'd read a couple of John Grisham books, and a few Jack Reacher novels, but crime had never featured heavily on my reading radar.

That needed to change.

If I was going to write crime, I needed to read crime, and so I looked to the best for inspiration. Ian Rankin's Rebus; Colin Dexter's Morse and Michael Connelley's Bosch novels were all top of the list. It was at this point I took the Creative and Professional Writing Degree at Derby University and during this, was introduced to Lin Anderson's Rhona MacLeod series.

Since then I have been slowly working my way through the sixteen books currently in the series. At the start of the year, I set the task to finish the series, but as you can see, got distracted by the latest from MW Craven (THE BOTANIST) plus a couple of Morse novels.

I am now reading the twelfth book, FOLLOW THE DEAD, and have the remainder sat on my desk encouraging me to get through. At my current rate of reading, I doubt I will finish the series by the end of the year, but I'm determined to finish the books before starting something new.

After that, I'll probably read either the entire Rebus books from the start again, or Colin Dexter, both series of which have been sat on my shelf waiting to be read. I've also the new John Irving book THE LAST CHAIRLIFT, plus Stephen King's FAIRY TALE.