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March 1987

Ossett, West Yorkshire

A town of flower shows, Maypole parades and Sunday football games. But behind all the closed doors and drawn curtains are hidden truths & shameful lies. 


A body is found

WDC Louise Miller’s first case as detective in her hometown is hampered by the sexism and misogyny of small-town policing. Her four years on the force in Manchester have prepared her for this. Along with ally WPC Elizabeth Hines, the pair work the case together.


What truths lie hidden?

As their inquiries deepen, the towns secrets reveal even darker truths that could lead to the identity of the killer. But when a second girl goes missing, Louise realises that some secrets should stay hidden. Including hers.

Released: May 2022 | Publisher: Hobeck Books | isbn: 978-1913793692
Genre: crime, mystery, police procedural, historical 
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