Monday, July 4, 2022


I am so proud to be able to say that I have been awarded a First in my university degree, BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing. Three years (started with Film Production then switched degrees in Year 2), I stuck with it, didn't quit and finished what I'd started.

For those who really know me, who know the anxiety and depression I struggle with, (still do, and have for four decades), this is a BIG THING for me. Too many times in the past I let worries and fears stop me, so to do this - well, I'm mighty damn proud of myself.

The below video is how I'm feeling right now with a BA (Hons) degree - First; a published novel, the second one out next week and the third currently being written. Back when I was a store manager for Games Workshop, whenever we hit target for the month I would play this as loud as possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged, cajoled and kicked my ass when needed.

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