Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The First Louise Miller book: Dirty Little Secret

When a horror story about a phone box library whose books sucked the souls of the reader into their pages wasn't working, I looked at how to rewrite it. I had a character I loved, (Louise Miller - then she was a book blogger); a perfect location (the phone box atop a beauty spot) and a bizarre medical affliction (sleep paralysis).

But the story wasn't working at all, certainly not helped by the fact I had gotten the idea and just dived right in, feet first, no care for possible riptide, or rocks below the surface. And I'd gotten into trouble around the 60K word mark. I had no idea where to take the story next.

So I looked at what I had, and what could possibly be inside the phone box and a body was the most intriguing thing I could think of. This led to Louise becoming a police detective returning to her hometown of Ossett, West Yorkshire (my hometown). I wrote an outline, charting the story with numerous bullet-points and before I knew it, I had a complete story ready to go.

Louise Miller returns to Ossett, a newly trained detective constable who has to fight the sexism and misogyny of small town policing as she investigates the body of a young girl found crammed inside a public phone box.

But as she investigates, uncovering a wealth of small town secrets, she learns that some secrets should stay hidden. Including hers...

Dirty Little Secret is out now.

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