Saturday, May 14, 2022

Reading Morse

Before I talk briefly about what I'm currently reading (spoiler - it's Morse!) I thought it best to give you a small update on the writing. 

With the final dissertation completed and submitted, I can now relax and get on with writing the third Louise Miller book, CUT AND SHUT.

I'd gotten around 80 pages in and had to put it aside while I concentrated on getting the uni work finished while at the same time getting to grips with a new schedule due to working a full time job in order to help cover the rising costs of bills.

As well as bringing in a little extra scratch, I get time to sit down and read during my lunch break, and I've been reading the Colin Dexter Morse novels which my wife got me for Christmas. I'm now into the third of fourteen books and find them a little tough to read. Enjoyable, but tough. The language is very different to modern crime fiction (having being written in the 70's) - lots of big words and phrases I have to decipher with the aid of Google.

People smile ingenuously; thoughts are pallid multitudes that drift along senseless waters; faces are comprised of a lean acetic. The language is best described as "gentlemanly", written of a time before conversation had devolved into slang and colloquial phrase. I have to admit, it has been a struggle and several times I thought I'd be best served putting these aside and finishing the Lin Anderson Rhona MacLeod series, but I'm sticking with them, determined to get through all fourteen books.

The stories are interesting and after I've gotten through the initial "Oh, I can't read this..." block which is around page 50, I'm rip-roaring along, enjoying the twists and turns of the story and seeing if I can figure out the crime if not before Morse, then at least before his put upon sergeant Lewis figures it all out.

If you haven't tried them, I suggest giving them a go. 

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