Friday, March 4, 2022

It Finally Happened!

So it finally happened; I became an official statistic of the pandemic. Wednesday, after feeling lousy for a few days and having taken Tuesday off from work, I took a COVID test and it came back positive. I've taken dozens of these tests over the two years and seeing that double red line appear was a weird, surreal, moment.

I'm very lucky to be fully vaccinated and boosted, so if I was ever going to get the virus, now is probably the best time to do so, as the effects should be a lot less severe than if I hadn't had the shots.

It's now Friday as I finish this short post - keeping focus is tricky at the moment, even for something less than a thousand words in length - and I've now got three positive tests. Obviously I took time off work and hopefully things get back to normal soon: I hate sleeping on the sofa and even worse; I can't taste anything. Even worse on top of that, I can't focus long enough to do any writing, so I really want this to end sooner rather than later.

So please, if you haven't already, get your vaccines; I'd hate to think what this would be like if I hadn't. And please, still wear a mask where you can - I didn't at work and that's obviously where I caught it from. I won't be making that mistake again when I return.

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