Sunday, February 6, 2022

What's Happening Next?


I really should post more on here. I know that. I know that in the same way that I know I should eat more fruit and veg, and in the same way I know that I should drink more water. I know, I agree it's important and yet I still find it easier to grab corn snacks, or a biscuit; even better, Tangfastics that have been in the fridge for a few hours; bloody gorgeous! And it's the same with the blog. 

So let me try and convince you - and by you, I mean me - that I'll change. That I'll start writing more, and posting regularly.

Well, actually I can't promise that. Not even remotely. To prove that point, I started writing this blog last week but then other things got in the way and the time I'd set aside for writing it vanished.

But I want to write regularly here, I really do, because having some form of author platform is going to be really important when DIRTY LITTLE SECRET gets published in May. I want this to be the place people come to see what I have to say rather than wade through the various cesspools that are Twitter or Facebook.

Don't get me started on Facebook - I've had two attempts to hack my account this week alone, and well over 100 "friend" requests from people I have never interacted with and I think are 'bots, but unfortunately there are a couple of safe havens that require me to suffer the mental-assault that is Facebook: one of which is the UK Crime Book Club. With over 20K members, ardent readers of crime fiction all, the UKCBC is a great community of like minded souls who enjoy a good tale well told. I've found many fantastic recommendations for future books to read, and have been given some great opportunities thanks to their schedule of author interviews.

In fact, I have an upcoming author chat next week as I am taking part in a New Voices Panel on Friday 11th, hosted by Caroline Maston and with Christie Newport and Sarah Bonner. It starts at 7pm so I hope you can join me there - just follow the link above to join the group - if not, they upload their videos to their UKCBC YouTube channel a few days later. 

Louise Miller Novels

At the moment I have just made revisions to Dirty Little Secret based off some notes from the editor, and returned it to my publisher, and have been applying the same to From Sorrow's Hold. I should finish those revisions on book two later today. and then continue writing the third book Cut and Shut. As to release dates, I believe May is still slated for Dirty Little Secret but I'm not sure about From Sorrow's Hold - I would expect later in the year, perhaps around September or October. September would be good as that is when I hit the big 5-0; what an amazing birthday gift that would be: the release of my second novel. Well, that's all in the arms of the Hobeck team; I'm just pleased they love the books and want to publish them at all!

As to the third book in our contract - I'm expecting that will be out in 2023, and book four... well, I'm researching that one now but before I write that, I'm going to be writing something a little different.

Something A Little Different

I have a potential project I'm eyeing up between writing the third and fourth Louise Miller book. Well, two actually because I'm looking at two differing ways to tackle a single idea. I have the title; I have the storylines and a rough structure. What I don't have is the setting. Actually, that's not quite accurate; I have two settings: I am torn between going contemporary or historical. 2019 Derby or 1813 Portugal.

The former, I feel, has been done to death a thousand times, and the current market reflects that with the oversaturation of similar themes and protaganists, whereas the latter has a fresh take on the crime genre but would be a riskier "sell" to an agent or publisher. Both would be a ton of fun to write.

Decisions, decisions...

So now you're all caught up. I'm heading into the final semester of my creative writing degree, with Advanced Poetry, Independent Study and a Portfolio Project being the last modules I'm now working on. I got back my grades for Genre Fiction (80/75 respectively) and Written World In 21st Century (70/69), so I'm hoping I can stay on track for an overall First. I'll publish the essay I wrote for Written World, titled Hurry Up And Wait: The Traditional Model's Fate in a few weeks time like I have the other essays written throughout this course.

In the meantime I'll be writing a series of linked, themed poems which tie in with a future Louise Miller novel. I can't say much about them as it will contain huge spoilers for books three onwards, but I'm excited to be stepping once more out of my comfort zone and exploring this medium from a story-tellers point of view.

Thanks for reading. 


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